* Water Management in Federal and Federal-type Countries, Zaragoza 9-11 July 2008

AIDA was represented by its Chairman, Dominique Alhéritière who chaired Session VI on “Horizontal Issues in Federal and Decentralised Countries”. Stefano Burchi, AIDA’s Deputy-Chairman and Treasurer was also in attendance and presented a paper on “Water Resource Agreements among States and Provinces of Federal Countries – A Comparative Review”. One of the two key organizers, Scientic Director of this superb event was Prof. Antonio Embid Irujo, AIDA’s Representative for Spain. Antonio presented to the participants two of his recent books: the first one is a collective effort for a comparative study on water law in Brazil and Spain (El Derecho de Aguas en Brasil y España – Un estudio de Derecho Comparado, Cizur Menor, Navarra, Editorial Aranzadi SA, 2008, 356 pages); the second, also a collective work, on water management in Aragón (Gestión del Agua en Aragón, same editor, 2007, 292 pages). AIDA’s Representative for Australia, Prof. Jennifer McKay presented a paper on “The situation in Australia”. Prof. Miguel Mathus Escorihuela, almost a founding Member of AIDA (he joined the Association in 1968!) presented a paper on “The Situation in Argentina” and his reference book, in cooperation with Antonio Embid Irujo, Santiago Ruiz Freites and other authors on water law and administration (Derecho y Administración de Aguas, Miguel Mathus Escorihuela, 2007, 529 pages). The book is dedicated to the late Joaquín López, founding Member of AIDA. Other members of AIDA presented papers: Miguel Solanes on “The Economics of Water and its Services: Federalism and Decentralisation in the context of the International Investment Protection Agreements”; Prof. Joe Goldface Irokalibe on “The situation in Nigeria”; Prof. Imeru Tamrat on “The situation in Ethiopia”. Other AIDA members were in attendance and Antonio Fanlo participated in the Conference. AIDA’s contribution was therefore most impressive indeed, thanks to the members of its Executive Council, to its Representatives, and to the members of the Association.