Rights-based approach to conservation Portal launched by IUCN

For many years, different constituencies within IUCN have gained valuable experience on rights-related approaches to improve conservation and enhance equity in the use of natural resources. However, due to the diversity of IUCN rights-related projects and activities enhanced synergies, better coordination and exchange of experiences has to be achieved in order to make further progress on this subject and to ensure the efficient implementation of Resolution 4.056 adopted by the World Conservation Congress in Barcelona 2008. In this context, the Environmental Law Centre (ELC) has developed the “Rights-Based Approach to Conservation Portal” to promote and encourage a comprehensive application of rights-based approaches to conservation (RBA to Conservation). The portal (which can be visited at the link below as well as at https://portal.iucn.org/rba1/default.aspx) is intended to serve as a clearing-house providing a “one-stop shop” for collecting and sharing relevant information and for learning about worldwide initiatives on RBA to conservation. With its development, the ELC seeks to reach stakeholders around the world and to provide them with easy access to information, as well as opportunities to learn from and make use of RBAs to conservation. For further information or specific questions, contact Juan Carlos Sanchez (juancarlos.sanchez@iucn.org) or Louisa Denier (louisa.denier@iucn.org) from the RBA Portal Team.