Second Edition of Code de l’eau (Water Code)

The Code de l’eau (Water Code), second edition, authored by AIDA members Jacques Sironneau and Bernard Drobenko, is now available from Editions Johanet, Paris. The Code, consisting of nearly 1,800 pages, carries the annotated text of the water laws of France and of the European Union, and of salient international water law instruments. The texts are accompanied by a rich commentary, which includes doctrinal and case law references. The Code spans the full spectrum of water resources management, incuding in particular the uses of the resource, both for economic and for recreational purposes, the delivery of drinking water supplies, and mineral waters. The Code also provides users with access to a dedicated website where the full text of the innumerable domestic, EU and international legal instruments cited, and of the most significane cases also cited, can be located. The Code can be ordered from .