L'eau en droit international, proceedings of the 44th Colloquium of the French Society for International Law (Societé française pour le droit international), which took place at Orléans, France, on 3-5 June, 2010, published by Editions Pedone, Paris, 2011.  The publication features, among others, the contributions made by a

Professor Julio Barberis passed away last April. He was one of the most important water lawyers, the disciple of Guillermo Cano, founding father of AIDA. I could not say that I knew Julio Barberis well, in that I did not meet him often. Yet, the few times

The Conference on “Freshwater and international law: the multiple challenges” was convened by the University of Geneva Law Faculty’s Platform for International Water Law in Geneva, Switzerland, 7-9 July 2011. The Conference drew 160 registered participants, and a most respectable speakers’ list featuring, among others