New OECD publication: “Water Governance in OECD Countries : a Multilevel Approach”

The publication “Water Governance in OECD Countries : a Multilevel Approach” will be launched at the OECD Global Forum on Water (Paris) on 24-26 October, 2011.

It addresses multilevel governance challenges in water policy design and implementation and identifies good practices for coordinating water policy across ministries, levels of government and local actors. It proposes an analytical framework to diagnose and assess the main governance gaps in terms of policymaking, financing, information, accountability, objectives and capacity building in the water sector, and identifies possible instruments to bridge them. It also provides an “institutional mapping” of  the allocation of roles and responsibilities in water policy-making in 17 OECD countries and suggests a set of preliminary Multilevel Governance Guidelines for Integrated Water Policy.

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