A Savoir n° 3 – Toward a Joint Management of Transboundary Aquifer Systems, Methodological Guidebook published by the French Development Agency, is now available in English

The English version of this study, which was co-authored by Hubert Machard de Gramont and Didier Pennequin (BRGM), Coralie Noel (International Office for Water), Jean-Louis Oliver and Martina Rama (Académie de l’eau)  and AIDA member Raya Marina Stephan, (UNESCO-IHP) and was announced  in these Flash News on 13/12/2010 (see Flash News Archive), may now be downloaded at  http://www.afd.fr/webdav/site/afd/shared/PUBLICATIONS/RECHERCHE/Scientifiques/A-savoir/03-VA-A-Savoir.pdf