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Water Law in India – An Introduction to Legal Instruments, by P. Cullet & S. Koonan (eds.), New Delhi, Oxford University Press, 2011. This book discusses the policy framework for the use of water in India. It also brings out the complexity in the structure of laws due to variations at the international, national, state, municipal, and panchayat levels. It covers a wide range of issues, such as centre/state relations, management, appropriation, pollution control, groundwater and water-dependent activities such as water supply and sanitation, irrigation, power generation and fisheries. It further explores water-related environmental and health concerns. The work also examines the importance of various water conflict resolution processes. The book may be ordered online, at

Water Law for the Twenty-first Century: National and International Aspects of Water Law Reforms in India, Paperback edition by P. Cullet, A. Gowlland-Gualtieri, R. Madhav & U. Ramanathan (eds.),  Abingdon: Routledge, 2011. The contributions to this book critically analyse legal issues arising under international law, such as environment and human rights provisions and the economic, environmental and social consequences of proposed legal reform and its implementation at the national level. The book examines the situation in India, which is currently in the midst of implementing several World Bank led water restructuring projects that will have significant impacts on the realisation of the right to water and all other aspects of water regulation for decades to come. This book highlights the interaction between international national water law, as well as matters relating to compliance with international law at the national level. For information as to how to order the book, click on