UN Documentation Center on Water and Sanitation (UNDCWS)

The UN Documentation Center on Water and Sanitation (UNDCWS) is now accessible for members and partners at the following address: http://www.unwaterlibrary.org/ and available in English and Spanish www.bibliotecaonuagua.org. The website is continuously being updated and improved.

The UN Water Library website offers two ways to access publications:

1.    You can use the advanced search http://www.zaragoza.es/ciudad/medioambiente/onu/en/buscarPer_Onu

2.    You can access publications from the left navigation bar, where publications have been organized according to different criteria (by theme, by geographical focus, by purpose, by target audience, etc.)

To be able to provide this service : 

a) different UN websites are regularly checked to identify recently published publications;

b) Each publication is then described, classified and indexed. A coding system has been defined so that for each publication, the visitor also has access to different language versions and related products (e.g. executive summaries, summaries for policy makers, etc.).

c) Documents are formatted to insure full compliance with the web accessibility guidelines for UN websites. You can already check some of this accessibility possibilities. For example, you can select a text in the website (e.g. a publication title), click on the right-hand mouse button, and then on the loudspeaker icon to hear it read aloud.

Updates on new publications are greatly appreciated. They will be incorporated to the documentation center and to the bimonthly publications review http://www.un.org/waterforlifedecade/bimonthly.shtml