XIVas Jornadas de derecho de aguas – Escasez, distribucion y nuevas fuentes de agua (water scarcity, water distribution and new water sources), Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Santiago, Chile, 30-31 August 2012

The topics of this event are:

➢ Self-management in the implementation of water rights

➢ Construction of reservoirs, water markets and energy and irrigation policies

➢ Legal regime and management of groundwater 

➢ Sectoral approaches: water law, mining law, indigenous law and environmental law

➢ New water sources (desalination, artificial recharge of aquifers, wastewater reuse, inter-basin diversions, among others)

This event aims at fostering the discussion, from an academic and multidisciplinary viewpoint, of the main aspects of present water resources management policies and legislation, with a particular focus on water scarcity, self-management and the inclusion of new water sources in traditional water management systems.

The event is coordinated by AIDA member Dr Alejandro Vergara Blanco

Further information may be obtained at: Tel: (02) 3542761, (02) 3542961,

email: pvmoyano@uc.cl