Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD), Inland Water Resources Management Programme (INWRMP) – Vacancy Announcement: 7 posts of National Consultant on Water Policy and Law

Water lawyers from each of the IGAD member countries (Djibouti, Ethiopia, Kenya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan and Uganda) are invited to apply for the post of National Consultant on Water Policy and Law before 25/10/2012. The consultancy is for 3 months (with possible extension) starting November, 2012.

Duties of selected consultants:

1.    Collect, review and analyze water resources and related policies, strategies and legislation, as well as the existing international agreements relating to the management of river basins and groundwater bodies in the IGAD region;
2.    collect, review and analyze information on water resources and related institutions (those involved in, or affected by, the implementation of water legislation);
3.    collect, review and analyze information on customary practices relating to or having an impact on water resources management;
4.    collect, review and analyze proposed national policies, strategies and action plans;
5.    collect, review and analyze existing studies and consultant reports, if any, on national policies, legislation and institutions;
6.    review and analyze water resources management issues in the country, and discuss these issues with officials of the national water-related institutions, with a view to identifying the issues of regional relevance;
7.    prepare a draft national report which shall highlight the gaps and strengths of the national policy and legal framework, as well as the issues arising in connection with water resources management in the country, indicating those which are of regional relevance and those which are national. The report shall follow the outline provided to the Consultant by the IGAD-INWRMP TA Team and shall contain recommendations for improvements in the policy-legal frameworks. If studies and reports prepared under other projects are available, reference should be made to those studies and reports;
8.    participate in a national workshop to present the draft report and discuss the findings and recommendations;
9.    finalize the national report by incorporating the comments and recommendations of the workshop participants.

Qualifications and Experience

•    University degree in law, or in a water resources management-related discipline (but in the latter case the knowledge and understanding of policy and legal issues are required).
•    Minimum 5 years of experience working on water policy/legislation development.
•    Experience working with water-related institutions, international organizations, research institutes or NGOs dealing with water resources.
•    Computer literacy.

•    Fluency in English.

Applications shall include:
•    Curriculum Vitae;
•    Cover letter including a clear identification of the vacancy and a brief explanation of what you believe makes you the most suitable candidate for the advertised position.

The above should be sent to:, with copy to

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