New publication: International Law And Freshwater, the Multiple Challenges, edited by L. Boisson de Chazournes and by AIDA members Christina Leb and Mara Tignino, Edward Elgar Publishing Limited, Cheltenham, UK, December 2012

‘This volume provides a masterful investigation of the multiple points of interaction between freshwater and international law, and compelling and insightful analyses of such interactions bearing out and substantiating the thrust of the volume – mapping out the “multiple challenges” facing international law in its water governance role at different, relevant scales – global, regional and sub-regional. The volume’s focus on these “multiple challenges” is particularly welcome at a time when the planet’s freshwater endowment is coming under increasing pressure from a multiplicity of factors, forcing policymakers, lawmakers, government negotiators and private-sector players on the water scene to challenge well-established behavioural and regulatory patterns, domestically and in relation to transboundary inter-State relations. In its stimulating multifarious approach, the volume offers fresh and insightful perspectives of some tested facets of the water governance role of international law, dealing with rivers, lakes and groundwater aquifers shared by a multiplicity of States. Some novel facets like, notably, the human right to water, trans-national trade in land and water resources, the rights of local communities, and State succession to water treaties, are also canvassed masterfully, adding to the value of the volume not only to international water law specialists, but also to the vast and growing population of water professionals in general. In sum, the volume is a must for all those who know and practise international and domestic water law, who influence the international water governance debate at the global, regional, and sub-regional scales, and who, in general, interact with water resources in the transboundary but also in the domestic setting of their respective countries.’

                Stefano Burchi, Chairman of the International Association for Water Law – AIDA

Contributors to the book include AIDA members L. Del Castillo, C. Leb, S. McCaffrey, O. McIntyre, S.M.A. Salman, A. Tanzi and M. Tignino. The book may be ordered online at