Message from the Associate Editor of RECIEL (Review of European Community and International Environmental Law): BOOKS FOR REVIEW

Dear Colleague,

My warmest wishes for the New Year!

I am writing to you in my Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL) Associate Editor (Book Review Editor) capacity. I am sending you this e mail because I believe that due to your expertise in environmental law you may be interested in reviewing a book for RECIEL (or because you have contributed to RECIEL with a book review in the past). Book reviews range anywhere between 500 and 1500 words, but we do accept longer book reviews on occasions. Book reviews must follow the RECIEL style guidelines that can be found at  Furthermore, book reviews (as articles and case notes) will now be submitted on-line at

This is a list of books that we currently have available for review. I attach also a document that provides you with more information about each book. If you are interested in reviewing any of them, or if you know of any other book that you deem RECIEL should consider for its possible revision – or that you would like to review yourself -, please let me know and I will be happy to liaise with you about this. The deadline for book reviews to be published in the next RECIEL issue is 01/04/2013, but in the attached document you will find submission deadlines also for the next three RECIEL issues. Please feel free to let me know if you can make it for the first deadline, or whether you would need any additional time.

Gupta, J. and N. van-der-Grijp (2010). Mainstreaming Climate Change in Development Cooperation: Theory, Practice and Implications for the European Union. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Barboza, J. (2011). The Environment, Risk and Liability in International Law The Hague, Martinus Nijhoff Publishers.

Benidickson, J., B. Boer, et al. (2011). Environmental Law and Sustainability after Rio. Environmental Law and Sustainability after Rio. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar

Smith, R. J. (2012). Negotiating Environment and Science: An Insider’s View of International Agreements, from Driftnets to the Space Station, RFF

Hans, J. H. and H. H. B. Vedder (2012). European Environmental Law after Lisbon. Groningen, Europa Law Publishing

Pallemaerts, M. (2011). The Aarhus Convention at ten: Interactions and Tensions between Conventional International Law and EU Environmental Law. Groningen, Europa Law Publishing

Beyerlin, U. and T. Marauhn (2011). International Environmental Law. Oxford, Hart Publishing

Kerbrat, Y. and S. Maljean-Dubois (2011). The Transformation of International Environmental Law. Oxford, Hart Publishing

Winkler, I. T. (2012). The Human Right to Water Significance, Legal Status and Implications for Water Allocation. Oxford, Hart Publishing

Laitos, J. G. (2012). The Right of Nonuse, OUP, USA

Richardson, B. J. (2012). Local Climate Change Law: Environmental Regulation in Cities and Other Localities. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar

Le-Bouthillier, Y., M. A. Cohen, et al. (2012). Poverty Alleviation And Environmental Law. Cheltenham, Edward Elgar Publishing

Hoffmann, M. J. (2012). Climate Governance at the Crossroads: Experimenting with a Global Response after Kyoto, OUP USA

Jessup, B. and K. Rubenstein (2012). Environmental Discourses in Public and International Law. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Marín-Durán, G. and E. Morgera (2012). Environmental Integration in the EU’s External Relations: Beyond Multilateral Dimensions. Oxford, Hart

Morgera, E. (2012). The External Environmental Policy of the European Union: EU and International Law Perspectives. Cambridge, Cambridge University Press

Alam, S., J. Hossain-Bhuiyan, et al. (2012). Routledge Handbook of International Environmental Law. London, Routledge.

Kulovesi, K. (2011). The WTO Dispute Settlement System. Challenges of the Environment, Legitimacy and Fragmentation, Kluwer.

Maljean-Dubois, S. and L. Rajamani (2011). Implementation of International Environmental Law/La mise en ¦uvre du droit de l¹environnement – The Hague Academy of International Law, Martinus Nijhoff.

Rieu-Clarke, A., R. Moynihan, et al. (2012). UN Watercourses Convention: A User¹s Guide. Dundee, IHP-HELP CWLPS (UNESCO)

Many thanks in advance for considering the possibility of collaborating with RECIEL with a book review,


Dr Francesco Sindico

Associate Editor (Book Review Editor)
Review of European Community and International Environmental Law (RECIEL)

Reader in International Environmental Law
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