New book: Cooperation in the Law of Transboundary Water Resources, by AIDA member Christina Leb, Cambridge University Press, 2013

This book analyzes the legal aspects of cooperation in the management of transboundary water resources and is structured as follows:

Part I. Acknowledging Interdependence:
1. Cooperation between sovereign states
2. Development of international water law
Part II. A General Duty to Cooperate: What Does it Mean?:
3. The duty to cooperate and concurrence of principles
4. Informing cooperation
5. Adoption of joint measures
Part III. Dealing with Evolving Challenges:
6. International protection of vital human water needs
7. Emerging international cooperation on global water challenges
8. Conclusion
Annex: Consideration of cooperation in international treaties

The book is intended for international lawyers, water practitioners, students and anyone interested in international water management. It may be ordered online at