Call for Post-Doc Fellowships applications in International Water Law, Xiamen University Law School –

The University of Xiamen Law School, China International Water Law (CIWL) invites applications for post-doctoral students in the area of international water law under the supervision of Professor Patricia Wouters and Professor Huiping Chen.

– Two post-doctoral fellowships (Minimum of 36,000 RMB plus free / subsidised accommodation per year, up to two years)

Application deadline: January 2014 (The university receives applications 4 times each year – January, April, July and October).

With China’s investment in the “Thousand Talents Project”, fellows in the CIWL programme will contribute to a growing community of
scholars led by highly distinguished experts in international law and policy.  Not only will they participate actively in preparing working papers and presenting at various international conferences, workshops, audit courses, and symposiums, but their research will be supported by a vibrant network of regional and local Asian and international experts in this field. Fostering transboundary water cooperation is an ambitious and critically important goal, especially with increasingly complex issues linked directly to the effective management of the world’s shared freshwater. How can international law contribute to facilitating transboundary water cooperation?  Xiamen University Law School CIWL seeks to educate a new generation of water leaders, as world-renowned experts in their field, with a view to contributing to the peaceful management of the world’s shared water resources.   

Xiamen University, Xiamen Law School and the CIWL programme team is honoured to invite this call for post-doc applications through the financial and political support of the Chinese government.  


1. PhD degree in public international law, preferably with a focus on transboundary waters or a closely related topic. 2. Curriculum Vitae
including a list of publications. 3. Confirmation of the doctoral degree (or an approval that the dissertation has been submitted + an estimate for the time it will take to approve the degree).  4. Research proposal (max. 5 pages). 5. At least two reference letters (no
particular form or format; may be sent by post, fax or Email). 6. Excellent English writing ability; preference for candidates that also have Chinese language skills.  

More details:  

The China International Water Law research group at Xiamen Law School is under the leadership and supervision of Professor Zeng Huaqun, Professor Chen Huiping and Professor Patricia Wouters (appointed under the China 1000 Talents programme).  

The post-doc will be responsible for:

– Undertaking relevant research in approved areas of public international law in its application to transboundary water resources with a focus on China and Asia; this work is to be published in leading peer-reviewed journals; 

– Supporting Professor Wouters with developing research expertise in international water law; this will include contributing to a text-book on the international law that applies to China’s transboundary waters (international and national) written in English and Chinese. 

– Assisting with research-related activities, such as: graduate teaching and supervision (PhD and LLM), international conferences and training, and other activities aimed at developing expertise in the international water law at CIWL; 

– Contributing to research dissemination, including through the website and other social media and research platforms; 

– Helping to seek research funding aligned with the core mission of the CIWL. 

Additional information may be requested by the selection committee.

In the first instance prospective candidates should contact Professor Patricia Wouters with their research proposal – 

Note: The relevant website for the Fellowship application, only in Chinese (for non-Chinese operating systems this website must be opened with Internet Explorer, then right-click, select ‘encoding’, then select ‘more’, then select ‘Chinese simplified GB2312’), is at .  

Since all of the forms and websites are in Chinese, CIWL is prepared to assist applicants in preparing and completing all the documents as required. For assistance please contact Professor Wouters PhD research assistant — Zoe Yang — They will provide an English translation of the application form and relevant documents. 

Formal submissions should be submitted by email to — Ms Liu: The University of Xiamen makes the final decision on the post-doc posts in accordance with university regulations.  

Address: International Law Department, Siming South Road No. 422, Siming District, Xiamen City, Fujian Province, China.  Postcode: 361005