International Journal of Water Governance: new issue

Volume 2, No. 1/2014, of March 2014 of the International Journal of Water Governance (Baltzer Science Publishers) is now available online. It contains the following articles:

Water Governance: Irrigators’ Organizations and State Reforms in Ecuador, by Jaime Hoogesteger 

Variation in the Perspective on Sharing Water: Irrigators, their Communities and the Wider Society, by Henning Bjornlund, Xinzheng Zhao, Wei Xu 

Working Knowledge for Collaborative Water Planning in Australia’s Wet Tropics Region, by Cathy J. Robinson, Bruce Taylor, Karen Vella, Tabatha Wallington

Political Legitimacy and Collaborative Water Governance: An Exploratory Case Study, by Julia Baird, Jonas Velaniškis, Ryan Plummer, John Fitzgibbon 

Multi-tiered Governance of the Rio Grande/Bravo Basin: The Fragmented Water Resources Management Model of the United States and Mexico, by Samual Sandoval Solis, Luzma Nava 

The Flood Risk Management Plan: An Essential Step Towards the Institutionalization of a Paradigm Shift, by Thomas Hartmann and Robert Juepner 

The complete issue or specific articles may be downloaded from