AIDA V AT XV IWRA WORLD WATER CONGRESS (Edinburgh, 25-29 May 2015): Circular Letter No.1/2014

Dear fellow members of the International Association for Water Law,

Following on from the successful experience with the previous edition (held in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil, September 2011), I am proud to announce that an agreement has been firmed up for AIDA to partner again with the International Water Resources Association (IWRA) in the delivery of the legal stream of the XV IWRA World Water Congress The Congress will be held in Edinburgh, 25-29 May 2015 – mark the dates on your calendar!

The scientific programme for the Congress legal stream will include the following topics:

  • Various approaches to global and regional water challenges (e.g., climate change, desertification, etc.)
  • Tools for facilitating the generation and management of non-conventional sources of water (e.g., desalination, managed aquifer recharge, reuse, etc.)
  • Mechanisms (s.a., government licensing, water markets, etc.) for allocating water among competing uses and users (e.g., environment, energy, agriculture, etc.)
  • Mechanisms for reconciling the land-water divide
  • Water pollution challenges (e.g., diffused pollution, emerging pollutants, etc.): prevention and treatment
  • Recognizing and reckoning with customary and human rights to water
  • Issues related to ground water resources
  • Dimension of transboundary river basins and aquifers
  • Facilitating innovation for managing, conserving, and creating water

 A call for abstracts features in, with a deadline of 19 September 2014. An AIDA scientific committee is being constituted to support the Congress Scientific Committee in its effort to review and oversee abstract submissions, panel organization, and papers.

As with the previous edition in Porto de Galinhas, the legal stream of the  IWRA World Water Congress will be the opportunity for AIDA members to congregate in as large numbers as possible, constituting in fact AIDA’s fifth congress – AIDA V.

I encourage you to consider joining the Congress in Edinburgh and, in any case, to submit an abstract! In addition, considering the strong ties between AIDA and IWRA and our desire to further strengthen our relationship, I would encourage you to become a member of IWRA. If you do so, and if you register for the Congress during the Early Bird period, your IWRA membership will entitle you to a Congress registration discount that is greater than your IWRA membership fee.

Stefano Burchi

Chairman of the Executive Council

Rome, 27 June 2014