Seminar on French Water Law, Paris, 4 December 2014

A Seminar by the title ‘Fifty years of the Water Law of 1964 : an assessment and prospects ‘ will take place at the Jean Monnet Faculty of the ‘Université de Paris-Sud’ (Southern Paris Univesity), on Thursday 4 December 2015.  The Seminar is organized by the ‘Université de Paris-Sud’ in cooperation with the ‘Université du littoral Côte d’Opale’, the French Society for Environmental Law, the Institute for Public Law Studies of the ‘Université de Paris-Sud’, the Laboratory ‘Territoires Villes Environnement et Sociétés’ and the Association of Lawyers of the Master in Environmental Law of the ‘Université de Paris-Sud.’  AIDA members J. Sironneau and B. Drobenko feature as key speakers at the Seminar. For further information, contact Ms Sonia Suihli, Département de la Recherche, Tel Tel : 01 40 91 17 96, email To register, visit