External Programme of the Hague Academy of International Law, 41st Session, Montevideo (Uruguay), 30 October – 6 November 2015

Programme of the session ‘Water Resources and International Law 


Official Opening:

1. Speeches by Uruguayan personalities

2. Speeches on behalf of the Academy :

Dr Bot (President of the Council of Administration),

Judge Cançado-Trindade (Member of Curatorium), Prof Daudet, (Secretary-General of the Academy)


I. Week-end (31 October and 1 November): Tourism and 2 lectures

1. Great Latin-American jurists of yesteryear (Judge A. Cançado-Trindade, ICJ) (*)

2. Models of integration in Latin America, the examples of the Alianza del Pacifico and Mercosur (Ambassador J. Martabit, Chile) (*)


II. Monday 2 November 2015 – Friday 6 November 2015:

5-hours seminar courses:

  1. General normative frameworks for shared water resources (Prof. S. McCaffrey, McGeorge School of LawUSA)(**)
  2. Trans-boundary Ground water resources and international law (Prof. William Torres (Bolivia) (*)  
  3. Fresh water and human rights (Prof. L. Boisson de Chazournes, (U. of Geneva, Switzerland) (**)
  4. Environmental protection of water resources (Prof. Johan G. Lammers, The Netherlands) (**)
  5. The settlement of disputes over water resources (Prof. Ximena Fuentes, U. of Chile)  (*)

One-hour lectures :

1) Monday: Water in the Middle East, with special focus on freshwater issues between Israel and Palestine (Prof. S. McCaffrey) (**)

2) Tuesday: International Legal Cooperation in the Inter-American environment (Prof. E. Tellechea Bergman, U. of Montevideo) (*)           

3) Thursday : Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Arbitral Awards (Dr.P. Arrighi, Uruguay) (*)       

4) Friday: Closing lecture: Current conflicts of cultures and values. The role of Private international Law. (Prof. Opertti Badan, Uruguay) (*)         

Closing session and conferment of Certificates:

Prof. Y. Daudet (SG) (**)

(*)     Delivered in Spanish         

(**)   Delivered in English