New publication : La loi sur l’eau de 1964 : bilans et perspectives (The Water Law of 1964 : Assessment and Prospects), edited by B. Drobenko, Editions Johanet, Paris, 2015

The French Water Law of 16 December 1964, which regulates water use and provides for the protection of water resources against pollution, is one of the pillars of contemporary water law in Europe. In fact, it has introduced river basin management through basin institutions and new water management tools, including financial tools. The Law has inspired European Community law, which is now embodied in the water legislation of all EU member countries. This book deals with the 1964 Water Law, the way in which it has been implemented, and with the evolution of water law in the last 50 years, especially in the light of new challenges, such as those brought about by climate change. The book may be ordered online at