Seminar on “Hydrodiplomatie et changement climatique pour la Paix au Moyen Orient”, Paris, 1 December 2015

A seminar on “Hydrodiplomatie et changement climatique pour la Paix au Moyen Orient” (Hydrodiplomacy and climate change for Peace in the Middle East) was held in Paris at the French Senate on 1st December 2015. AIDA was represented by his Honorary Chairman, Dominique Alhéritière. Several members were also in attendance. 
France and Italy were behind the initiative. The former launched, within the framework of the Union for the Mediterranean, the Regional Training Center for Water Professionals an expansion of a OIEau initiative. The latter supported and financed a study on the transboundary water management of the Orontes River Basin shared by Lebanon, Syria and Turkey. Fadi Comair and his team made an excellent presentation of the publication which also received the support of UNESCO, NEMBO (REMOB), the GWP Mediterranean, the University of Milan, INSUBRIAUniversity, and the University of Texas at Austin. The book « Science diplomacy and transboundary water management : The Orontes River case » is also available in digital format.