Water and the Law: Towards Sustainability, IUCN Academy of Environmental Law Series, 2014

Water and the Law, Towards Sustainability, edited by M. Kidd, L. Feris, T. Murombo and A. Iza, and published by Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, UK, 2014, examines the critical relationship between law and the management of water resources in the context of ensuring environmental sustainability. It highlights the central importance of integrated water resources management and cooperation in achieving sustainability. The book considers two broad themes that are critical for life on earth: how law can contribute to the sustainability of water itself and how the law s regulation of water can contribute to the sustainability of life both human life as well as that of other species in their natural environment. Capturing the complexities and challenges of protecting water as a resource on the one hand and utilizing it as a service on the other, it will prove a valuable resource for researchers and students of both water law, and the nexus of environmental law with human rights. The book may be purchased online at http://www.amazon.com/Water-Law-Towards-Sustainability-Environmental/dp/1783479604