Groundwater and Climate Change – Multi-Level Law and Policy Perspectives, Water International Special Issue, Vol. 42, No. 6, August 2017

This Special Issue of Water International undertakes a scholarly assessment of the state of the art of the law and policy on groundwater and climate change at the international, regional and national levels. It was produced out of papers presented at workshops organized within a partnership project between the Law, Environment and Development Centre of SOAS, University of London, and the National Law University Delhi under the auspices of the UK-India Education and Research Initiative.  

The Special Issue contains an introduction by Editors Philippe Cullet and AIDA member Raya Marina Stephan, and a number of research articles, as follows:

  • Regulating the interactions between climate change and groundwater: lessons from India, by P. Cullet, L. Bhullar & S. Koonan
  • Assessing India’s drip-irrigation boom: efficiency, climate change and groundwater policy, by Trevor Birkenholtz
  • Climate change, groundwater and the law: exploring the connections in South Africa, by AIDA member M. Kidd
  • Groundwater law, abstraction, and responding to climate change: assessing recent law reforms in British Columbia and England, by B. Ohdedar
  • EU legal protection for ecologically significant groundwater in the context of climate change vulnerability, by AIDA member O. McIntyre
  • Groundwater use in North Africa as a cautionary tale for climate change adaptation, by M. Kuper, H. Amichi & P-L. Mayaux
  • Global climate change and global groundwater law: their independent and pluralistic evolution and potential challenges, by J. Gupta & K. Conti
  • Climate change considerations under international groundwater law, by AIDA member Raya Marina Stephan 

The Special Issue is available online, at