Water Governance and the 8th World Water Forum (WWF), 18-23 March, 2018, Brasilia.

The OECD is leading the overall theme on Governance of the 8th World Water Forum, together with INBO, Women for Water Partnership, CONAGUA and ANA-Brazil. The theme is structured in 3 sub-topics and 9 sessions, as summarised herebelow:


THEME 9: GOVERNANCE  [Coordinators: OECD, INBO, Women for Water Partnership, ANA-Brazil, CONAGUA]

Topic 9.a. SMART implementation of IWRM
(Lead coordinator: World Water Council Task Force on IWRM)

Topic 9.b. Cooperation for reducing conflict and improving transboundary water management
(Lead coordinator: UNECE)

Topic 9.c. Effective governance: Enhanced political decisions, stakeholder participation and technical information
(Lead coordinator: Water Governance Initiative)

Session 9.a.1 – Transformational IWRM for the 2030 Agenda 

(Lead coordinator: IUCN)

Other coordinators: K-Water (Korea); SEWA – Self Employed Women’s Association (India); Committee of the São Francisco River Basin (Brazil); Brazilian Association of Water Resources – ABRH (Brazil) 

Session 9.b.1 – Managing water across sectors and borders: Institutional frameworks and approaches for efficient transboundary basin organizations 

Lead coordinator: INBO)

Other coordinators: NASA (USA); International Commission of the Congo-Oubanghui-Sangha – CICOS (Africa); Autonomous Authority of Titicaca Lake (Peru); International Union for Conservation of Nature – IUCN 

Session 9.c. 1 – How to Enhance Multi-Level Water Governance?

(Lead coordinator: OECD)

Other coordinators: PWP – Portuguese Water Partnership (Portugal); IRC – International Water and Sanitation Centre for Community Water Supply (Netherlands); Public Ministry of Ceará State (Brazil); K-water Convergence Institute (Korea)


Session 9.a.2 – Operationalising IWRM Adaptively Across the SDGs (Lead coordinator: UN-Water, represented by UNEP-DHI Centre

Other coordinators: WWC Task Force on IWRM; GWP – Global Water Partnership; World Wildlife Fund Mexico (Mexico); National Water Agency – ANA (Brazil)

Session 9.b.2 – Monitoring, assessment, data and knowledge sharing in transboundary basins

(Lead coordinator: EMWIS)

Other coordinators: Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization – ACTO; Scientific Information Centre of the Interstate Commission For Water Coordination In Central Asia; African Water Information System – AWIS

International Commission for the Protection of the Sava River Basin

Session 9.c. 2 – How is Water Governance in Your Country? Indicators to Assess Institutional Performance

(Lead coordinator: ASTEE)

Other coordinators: International Office for Water; Transparency International; Water Governance Observatory / WWF (Brazil)


Session 9.a.3 – The New Policy Agenda for IWRM

(Lead coordinator: OECD Water Governance Initiative)

Other coordinators: American Water Resources Association – AWRA (USA); UNESCO/WWA -World Water Assessment Programme; CEPAS|USP Groundwater Research Center, University of São Paulo (Brazil); REBOB-Brazilian Network of Basin

Session 9.b.3 – Successful negotiation and implementation of global, regional and bilateral transboundary cooperation agreements

(Lead coordinator: Ministry of Interior of Hungary)

Other coordinators: Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Peru (Peru); National Water Commission (Mexico); UNECE – United Nations Economic Commission for Europe; UNWC Initiative (WWF/GCI)

Session 9.c. 3 – What’s Your Water Governance Story? Identifying and scaling-up best practice across cities, basins and countries

(Lead coordinator: SUEZ)

Other coordinators: Water Integrity Network Association – WIN; Stockholm International Water Institute – SIWI (Sweden); Ministry of Environment (Brazil); Women for Water Partnership

The preparatory process for the 9 sessions is underway, and agendas will be circulated in February. Session speakers will be selected based on an online application process that was organised by the Forum International Secretariat over July-August following an open call, according to the rules set by the Forum’s Thematic Commission.

Those planning to attend the Forum are invited to inform the WGI Secretariat, as they will most likely organise an informal gathering of the WGI. Please fill in the survey if you are attending the World Water Forum.

Forum registration: Please follow the link to register for the WWF: http://www.worldwaterforum8.org/en/register