ELC Internship Programme 2018

IUCN welcomes applications for the Environmental Law Center (ELC) internship programme in the second half of 2018. Any currently enrolled advanced law students who may be interested may contact ELC at elcsecretariat@iucn.org. Further information and the application forms are available at https://www.iucn.org/theme/environmental-law/fellowshipinternship/?utm_campaign=2070498_Internships%20%40ELC%202018&utm_medium=email&utm_source=IUCN&dm_i=2GI3,18DLU,48BPX5,3WYGZ,1.

ELC is especially seeking Spanish speaking candidates having interest and/or experience in the law related to water, climate change, biodiversity. Proof of enrollment at a university, valid for the period of the internship, is a requirement.