Geneva Water Hub: Summer School on Water Governance

A course on Water Governance: Frameworks and Negotiations (in English) is being organized by the Geneva Water Hub, University of Geneva, on 3-15 June, 2019. The course’s objectives are as follows: identify and analyze the new challenges of water resources management at the global scale, considering the whole water cycle; analyze hydrodiplomacy and actors’ strategies and understand trends and the functioning of water governance at the global level; provide tools to water professionals to analyze water policy and management issues in the light of risk and uncertainty; develop work-related skills, such as the ability to analyze international legal and institutional frameworks and related negotiations and the ability to prevent and regulate water conflicts; and, develop a community of practice in the field of water governance. The course programme consists of five modules, which are devoted to: MOOC water resources management and policy (Module 1); hydrology: global trends and environmental changes (Module 2); international water law: from universal and regional water agreements (Module 3); right to water access: law, water and development (Module 4); hydrodiplomacy (Module 5). The deadline for registration is 20 May, 2019. For more information, and to register, visit