Geneva Water Hub: Online Course on International Freshwater Law

The Geneva Water Hub, center specialized in hydropolitics and hydrodiplomacy of the University of Geneva, will hold the second session of its online Course on International Freshwater Law (in French), on 30 March – 10 May, 2020. Conceived by the Hub’s Platform for International Water Law, the course aims to provide professionals dealing with the negotiation or implementation of transboundary water treaties with an understanding of the principles and rules governing the use, sharing, management and protection of water resources. The course consists of five modules dealing with: sources and concepts of international freshwater law; evolution of international freshwater law; principles applying to the management and protection of transboundary water resources, (Part I and II): and, water and international economics law. Registration fees amount to 400 CHF (about 400 USD); scholarships are available for nationals of countries which are not members of OECD. The deadline for registration is 22 March, 2020. To register online, go to