Upcoming Seminar: ‘Rights of Nature: Theoretical, practical and interdisciplinary approaches’

Organized by WCEL Member María Valeria Berros from the National University of Littoral (Argentina), this seminar aims at contributing from theoretical, practical, and interdisciplinary viewpoints to the debate developing in Latin American countries with regard to a recent environmental issue: the acknowledgment of personhood rights to nature. The ideas surrounding this issue relate to the principles of ‘buen vivir’ (good living) and ‘vivir bien’ (living well). Initiated in Ecuador and Bolivia, this debate has expanded to other national legal systems, including those of Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, and has gained increasing importance at the international level, particularly within the UN, which is according to this topic high priority in its present agenda.

For more information, visit https://www.fcjs.unl.edu.ar/sitios/cursosvirtuales/Pages.showSubcategoria&id=1014.

The deadline for registration (at http://www.unlvirtual.edu.ar/wp-content/uploads/2014/08/inscripcion_propuesta_rightsofnature.pdf) is 4 September, 2020.