Massive Online Open Course (MOOC) on Governance for Transboundary Freshwater Security

Produced by GEF IW: LEARN and GWP in cooperation with numerous partners, including UNECE, this 6-week online course presents multiple facets of governance for transboundary freshwater security – from financing mechanisms to negotiation skills – while emphasizing the urgency of sustainable development and cooperation at many levels. It extends from basic building blocks and concepts to advanced thinking about transboundary governance, and applies theory to practice through examples and case studies. Topics covered in six modules range from the fundamentals of transboundary water security to international water law, water diplomacy, negotiations, institutions, management tools, and sustainable finance. These modules are enriched by 80 water professionals from around the world who brought their experiences to lectures and case studies. As one of the MOOC module coordinators together with the United Nations University, Northumbria University, Stockholm International Water Institute, IHE-Delft and the Global Water Partnership, the Water Convention Secretariat encourages all interested experts and officials to enroll in this online course.

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