Equitable and reasonable utilization and the obligation against causing significant harm: are they reconcilable?

The essay titled “Equitable and Reasonable Utilization and the Obligation Against Causing Significant Harm – Are they Reconcilable?” authored by AIDA member Salman MA Salman, which was published in Volume 115 of the American Journal of International Law Unbound, has been translated into five languages – French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic. The booklet, which includes the original English version of the essay and the five translations, has been published electronically by the Platform for International Water Law, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva. The booklet is available at: https://www.unige.ch/droit/eau/en/une/2021/l’utilisation-equitable-et-raisonnable-et-lobligation-de-ne-pas-causer-des-dommages-significatifs-sont-ils-reconciliables/