ISARM 2021 – Transboundary Aquifers: Challenges and the Way Forward, Second International Online UNESCO Conference, 6-9 December 2021

This conference provides a unique opportunity to understand progress achieved over the past 10 years and contributes to the achievement of the SDG 6 and the monitoring of the indicator 6.5.2 on cooperation on transboundary waters. Several high-level debates will explore how science can influence policy for the sustainable management of transboundary aquifers resources and will look at evolution in water cooperation.

The main topics include:

  • The contribution of transboundary aquifers to sustainable development within the framework of global and regional agendas;
  • The science/policy interface for transboundary aquifers: the role of science in their management;
  • Advances in the assessment and mapping of transboundary aquifers and hydrogeological methods;
  • Education, capacity development and awareness raising, and,
  • Governance of transboundary aquifers: strengthening cooperation.

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