Celebration of the thirtieth anniversary of the French Water Law of 1992 (one-day webinar, 16 February, 2022)

The French Ministerial History Committee, together with the Department of Water and Biodiversity, the water agencies, the French Water Circle, the Water Academy and the Association for the history of nature and environment protection, are organizing a one-day seminar (webinar) on the political evolution of the law on water and aquatic environments since the passing of the Water Law of 1992. The seminar, which will take place on 16 February, 2022, will be structured into three historical session and a roundtable.

The first session will focus on the process leading to the adoption of the Water Law, while the second will deal with the progress made in its implementation, particular attention being devoted to the development of the river basin plans (SDAGEs and SAGEs), the role of the river basin committees, the collection of water-related data and the water police. The third session will cover water policy evolution in the light of the EU Water Framework Directive, the 2006n Law on Water and Aquatic Media and the evolution of the roles of the water agencies and the territorial communities. The final roundtable will focus on present challenges.

Registrations for the webinar are open to all, before Tuesday 15 February, at the following link: http://enqueteur.cgedd.developpement-durable.gouv.fr/index.php/818283?lang=fr