2023 AIDA Election Process and Schedule

As referenced in the letter from AIDA Executive Chairman, Stefano Burchi, which was distributed to current and former AIDA members as part of AIDA’s overhaul of its governance structure, henceforth all positions in the Executive Council will be open to a competitive election process for terms of six years.

In a bid to smooth the transition to the new system, and to ensure some continuity of direction, the new structure will be phased in gradually, with elections staggered to take place every three years.

In the first election cycle, the positions of Executive Council Deputy Chair, Treasurer, and Projects Chair will be filled through a competitive election process. That process is detailed below. Two current Executive Council members-—Mr. Gabriel Eckstein and Ms. Marcella Nanni—-will fill the positions of Executive Council Chair and Publications Chair, respectively, beginning in July 2023. Their terms will last three years, at which time their positions will be open for elections.

1st December 2022 Election Committee appointed by the Executive Council. Per the Bylaws, the tasks of the Election Committee include:    

  • Oversee the nomination and election process.
  • Receive all candidatures for Executive Council positions.
  • Review eligibility of all candidates per the Articles of Association and Bylaws.
  • Confirm that candidates are willing to serve if elected.
  • Submit a report to the Executive Council containing the list of nominees at least 45 days before the first day of the election.
  • Count all ballots submitted within the designated election period and shall determine the winners for each Executive Council position.

Election Committee members cannot run for the Executive Council and must be AIDA Members in good standing.

15th January 2023 Nominations period begins. Nominations must consist of the following:    

  • Full name and title of nominee
  • Affiliation(s) of nominee
  • Email and telephone number of nominee
  • Full name and title of nominator
  • Affiliation(s) of nominator
  • Email and telephone number of nominator

Nominations may only be sent to the Election Committee.

15th February 2023 Nominations period closes. Elections Committee begins reviewing nominations.
15th April 2023 Election period begins. Elections will be held online.
15th May 2023 Election period closes. Election Committee reviews votes.
1st June 2023 Election results announced by the Election Committee.
1st July 2023 New Executive Council begins its term per the Bylaws.