New publication: Water Law, edited by J.W. Dellapenna & J. Gupta, Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2021

This volume of the Elgar Encyclopedia of Environmental Law provides a detailed coverage of the changing meanings and roles of water law, from the local to the global. It examines the rules of ownership, rights of use, and dispute resolution that address access, allocation and protection of water resources. The volume is organized into thematic parts, beginning with an overview of fundamental concepts in water law, as well as issues such as the interplay of water law, governance and politics, and the water-energy nexus. Entries then discuss topics in international, regional and national water law, before exploring broader questions connecting water law to areas such as development, infrastructure and indigenous rights. Insights into potential future directions of water law and governance in response to the increasingly pressing ecological issues follow. The book may be purchased online, from