UN 2023 Water Conference side event: “The 2018 Brasília Declaration of Judges on Water Justice: The Role of Courts in the Implementation of SDG 6 and Other Water-related Goals and Targets”

This Side Event, featuring diplomats, legal scholars, and Supreme Court justices from around the world, will discuss the contents and implications of the 2018 Brasília Declaration of Judges on Water Justice, a main product of the 8th World Water Forum. The Declaration is the result of many months of discussion and cooperation among Supreme Court Justices and senior judges from over 50 countries. Although it is not a negotiated document, it has already been cited by several Supreme Courts in major water cases. It addresses key issues of water law and justice, particularly in light of the pollution, biodiversity and climate crises. The Declaration organizes in ten principles the most relevant legal aspects of water from an environmental and human rights perspective. It is one of the most powerful specific legal contributions toward a roadmap for the implementation of SDG 6 and other related provisions. For further information, go to https://www.iucn.org/events/iucn-event/2018-brasilia-declaration-judges-water-justice-role-courts-implementation-sdg-6