World Bank Alumni Award 2023 conferred to Dr Salman M.A. Salman

On 15 November, 2023, AIDA member Dr Salman M.A. Salman received from the Legal Vice Presidency of the World Bank the Alumni Award 2023 in recognition of the contribution he made while working at the Bank and after retirement. One major area of attention for him has been, and is, to ensure that work in the field of international water law tallies fully with the established and evolving principles of international law, and with international practice. For that purpose, he has devoted ample efforts to research and training. Dr Salman is the author of numerous publications on topics relevant to international and national water law, among which it is worth mentioning his book on the World Bank Policy for Projects on International Waterways, published in 2009 ( Dr Salman has received seven awards from the International Water Resources Association (IWRA), including the Honorary Member Award and the Crystal Drop Award. Congratulations, Dr Salman!