In August 2023, the Golden Gate University Environmental Law Journal published an article titled Fisheries and Fishing under International Water Law: A Dialogue Between Professor Gabriel Eckstein and Professor Paul Stanton Kibel. This article developed from an April 2023 webinar (organized by Golden Gate

European Union (EU) law and international law contain provisions to conserve fisheries and prevent the extinction of endangered fish species. EU law and international law also contain provisions to address global warming by seeking to transition from energy sources that produce greenhouse gas emissions (such

This Side Event, featuring diplomats, legal scholars, and Supreme Court justices from around the world, will discuss the contents and implications of the 2018 Brasília Declaration of Judges on Water Justice, a main product of the 8th World Water Forum. The Declaration is the result

The first global water summit in decades will be held in New York City on 22-24 March, 2023. AIDA will be represented at the Conference by three members: Renee Martin-Nagle, Flavia Rocha Loures and Monica Cardillo. AIDA is leading a coalition of over 40 partners to