L'eau en droit international, proceedings of the 44th Colloquium of the French Society for International Law (Societé française pour le droit international), which took place at Orléans, France, on 3-5 June, 2010, published by Editions Pedone, Paris, 2011.  The publication features, among others, the contributions made by a

The Conference on “Freshwater and international law: the multiple challenges” was convened by the University of Geneva Law Faculty’s Platform for International Water Law in Geneva, Switzerland, 7-9 July 2011. The Conference drew 160 registered participants, and a most respectable speakers’ list featuring, among others

Professor Julio Barberis passed away last April. He was one of the most important water lawyers, the disciple of Guillermo Cano, founding father of AIDA. I could not say that I knew Julio Barberis well, in that I did not meet him often. Yet, the few times