The international conference on “Transboundary aquifers – Challenges and new directions” was convened jointly by UNESCO, UNEP and the International Association of Hydro-geologists (IAH) at UNESCO Headquarters in Paris, 6-8 December 2010. AIDA featured as a cooperating institution, and was officially represented by the chair

Water International has just published AIDA member Salman M.A. Salman's article "Downstream riparians can also harm upstream riparians - the concept of foreclosure of future uses." The article can be accessed at: A commentary by AIDA member G. Eckstein can be found at'

Les principes du droit et de l'administration des eaux - Droit interne et droit international, by Dante Caponera, second edition revised and updated by Marcella Nanni, French version, was published by Editions Johanet, Paris, in November, 2009. The purpose of this book, which was first