Organized by WCEL Member María Valeria Berros from the National University of Littoral (Argentina), this seminar aims at contributing from theoretical, practical, and interdisciplinary viewpoints to the debate developing in Latin American countries with regard to a recent environmental issue: the acknowledgment of personhood rights to nature. The ideas

The  introduction to this monograph outlines the scale of the problems caused by attacks against, and the weaponization of, water infrastructure. It is followed by sections on the background and methodology of the Geneva List of Principles on the Protection of Water Infrastructure and, lastly,

Following an in-depth analysis of the causes and impacts of ongoing climate change, this book seeks to provide tools for dealing with the legal and institutional aspects of environmental protection and, more specifically, water resources management.  In particular, the book examines the evolution of environmental

The implications of COVID 19 are terrible for everyone, but especially difficult for the poorer sections of society that might not have access to clean running water for drinking and hand washing, and to facilities for general hygiene.  National emergency plans often overlook the more vulnerable members of society even

A virtual non-governmental organization,  Human Right 2 Water continues the legacy of WaterLex to support the realization of the human rights to water and sanitation. Building on the expertise and knowledge acquired over the last ten years, and with many of the existing team of