This monograph analyzes the three general approaches to water allocation between riparian states to certain shared watercourses in the United States, namely equitable apportionment, congressional apportionment, and inter-state compacts. This analysis is accompanied by a discussion and evaluation of the different cases of shared watercourses

Also produced under the Water Diplomacy project, this report was authored by Yumiko Yasuda (The Hague Institute for Global Justice; ICWC; SIWI; Uppsala University), Juliane Schillinger (The Hague Institute for Global Justice), Patrick Huntjens (The Hague Institute for Global Justice), Charlotte Alofs (The Hague Institute

This publication was produced under the Water Diplomacy: Making Water Cooperation Work project, led by The Hague Institute for Global Justice, in collaboration with Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), UNESCO Category II Centre for International Water Cooperation (ICWC), Uppsala University, University of Otago, University College